Tuesday, March 24, 2009

feeling like a real music lover

Twice today I happily surprised myself by dropping my jaw involuntarily twice in the face of sound.

The first was in response to this report on NPR about chanting monks in the now-diasporic Tibetan Buddhist communities. You MUST listen to these sound clips! When the first one came on I knew that the man who interviewed who said it was "the holiest sound he had ever heard," wasn't speaking hyperbolically. It is unearthly, unbelievably different. I was (and am!) completely amazed!

The second is perhaps more usual: I have been excited for a while now about the promise of a new Indigo Girls' album, which was released to day. Morgan told me it was good and shared that a retooling of Amy's song, "Driver Education," which appeared on her second solo album, and was my favorite on that album. When I heard Emily's guitar on the song I was pretty psyched but the new harmonies just blew me away! Once again I was amazed! Check out their website to sample a few songs, plus just look around the new website looks great too. I could rave on but I will suffice to say, I think this album is their best since "Become You."