Sunday, September 7, 2008

hurricane party music

One of my friends came over for dinner last night and my roommate has been really excited about the prospect of "surviving" Hurricane Hanna. I'm from FL so I've been reminding here that by the time it hit us it was barely even a Tropical Storm. But I also explained the concept of a hurricane party (not that difficult, if the power goes out you have a party with the whole neighborhood and eat all the food in your fridge, plus drink the cold beer before it gets warm!).

When I was home last weekend my dad was listening to "No Shoes Radio" on XM which is apparently a monthly series they have which highlights one artist (in this case Kenny Chesney) and plays only that artist, plus artists who have influenced them, and artists they've influenced. This sounds like a great idea to me, but I doubt they ever highlight anyone I'm interested in. The cool thing about it is that you can't help but dig down to deeper cuts of an artist if you're playing them all the time. The fact that I really like "She thinks my tractor's sexy" aside, I had the chorus to Kenny's "Key Lime Pie" song in my head for several days and our attempt at a Hurricane Party definitely included me grabbing a pie myself. I would have made one but apparently key limes and/or their juice are hard to come by in Philly?

Other not-to-be missed Hurricane Party classics...

Cowboy Mouth- Hurricane Party

Jimmy Buffett- Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

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