Monday, September 22, 2008

it's the little things that make me a dork

There are several pairs of songs that I have either recently put next to each other on mix CDs or look forward to doing in the near future.

Jars of Clay: Ship Wreck and mewithoutYou: Messes of Men.
Because they are both about...ships.

The Khrusty Brothers: Sympathy for Jesus and The Hold Steady: How a Resurrection Really Feels
I recently put these in this order and I LOVE that they first one has the Hallelujah under their breath by the door seguing beautifully into the her parents named her Hallelujah but the kids all called her Holly.

Waterdeep: The Circus Song and Dog Named David: I Ran Away With the Circus
I mean, I was in the circus, two sweet acoustic indie Christian songs about the circus???


Lauren said...

I love circus songs. :) I really liked the one you sent me! And the other one reminds me of Callaway. Sigh!

Worship Leader said...

Thank you for sharing this. If there's an online video where I could also download, kindly let me know.

Lindsay Rae said...
messes of men

couldn't find one of shipwreck..

I know there isn't one of the circus song or I ran away with the circus.

sympathy for jesus:

how a resurrection really feels: