Monday, November 17, 2008

christmas music

I admit it, I've already started listening to Christmas songs. It started with a chill in the air and the desire for campy "Baby, It's Cold Outside" listening and then I just wanted more.

Plus I've been getting emails about some exciting new albums (Alli Rogers has a Christmas EP coming out and apparently you can book her for a private Christmas concert?!! Why am I not rich? Oh yeah...).

Anyway, at they have free downloads of songs by Matt Maher and Steve Fee, both guys I like. Listening to Matt sing "Silent Night" reminds me of how much I love his voice- WHY?! I don't get it but it is so soothing. The Fee song is completely different but definitely very Fee. :) So go download!

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Lauren said...

A radio station here already started playing them. I may or may not be listening to it. Every morning. Singing along.

And I'm pretty sure "Baby It's Cold Outside" is still one of my favorites. :)