Friday, May 23, 2008

get out the map!

I flew to Orlando on Wednesday. While flying I continued to read my amazing book whilst listening to the new mix cd I made (will post contents later) as well as deciding to listen to the Khrusty Brothers again (it's an album that requires some attention).

Now I'm about to drive to Jacksonville for a retreat for the weekend. I haven't gotten to inundate my college roommate, Liz, with new music for almost a year now so I've already made her listen, intermittently, to Misty Edwards, Alli Rogers, Ingrid Michaelson, Over the Rhine, Colbie Callait, well, it's been a lot. So I'll be off for a few days but blogs to look forward to when I get back:

-a way overdue review of seeing Superchick with my cousin
-Holly's singer/songwriter workshop (sort of waiting till I have mp3s of her songs)
-actual review of Misty Edwards' "Relentless"
-surely more thoughts on worship after the weekend and last week's "Logos"


Lauren said...

-how awesome Lauren is

I'm just saying. That should obviously be a blog in itself. :) Come back already! Enjoy Jax!

Dan said...

Wow... I ran into you twice in the blogosphere today: Alli Rogers's page, and Lauren's page.

It's just a small world, isn't it?