Tuesday, August 26, 2008

John Mayer

JM is just the artist I hate to love. He won me over in May of 2002 when my friend Kristin made me listen to a bootleg of him singing "Love Song for No One."

Now Morgan and I both discuss how we refuse to go see John Mayer in the venues he plays now- way too expensive to see a show with way too many people. We've agreed that we wouldn't pay more than $15 to see him with 10,000 people but would be willing to pay a lot more to see the John Mayer Trio in an intimate venue. (This is in a fictional alternate reality where I have money.) So that alone should tell you I much prefer his acoustic and Trio sets.

Anyway, I previously claimed that somehow JM managed to OWN a Tom Petty song, but here's the evidence. My favorite bit is 1:56ish, that guy on the right is my favorite, his harmony just adds a total dimension of awesomeness.

This is the other song I love- I immediately loved it for the harmonics he plays in the beginning and then just the whole song- ugh! It makes me want to do nothing but lie in bed staring at the ceiling with the fan on and drink iced tea and listen to this song on repeat. I could happily do just that for HOURS. It's that sublime and I HATE that I would use that word to describe John Mayer, but just listen and you'll know what I mean.


Chris said...

I adore his version of Free Fallin. So good. And the new song- LOVE. I've never seen him because he basically comes no where near the Northwest and like you said, way too expensive. But sooo good.

Lindsay Rae said...

yeah, i'm kind of enamored of the live sound and the HARMONICS. that's what kills me on "in your atmosphere"

good to know i'm not on my own...