Monday, August 25, 2008

the promised summary

As usual in my musical wanderings I was prepared for an onslaught at what should have been the most anticipated theatrical release of the summer: the Remedy Club Tour, of course!
So Morgan and I went to get tickets, then we had dinner and became excited about Crowder. We had a great time with the, uh, 40 other people in the theater?! A few people clapped and randomly sang along quietly but overall we all just watched and had a low buzzing joy reverberating over our collective heads. :)
The dvd is great. I am definitely going to buy it at some point and make my friends watch it with me. The cinematography is good, the editing is pretty mindblowing (on one song the footage switches back and forth between ATL and NYC seamlessly, it's beautiful!), and of course the music is great!
The one sidenote is that I have never considered any of the members of the Crowder band particularly good-looking; talented, thoughtful, brilliant (bwack and his wizadry), artistic, etc but not so much attractive. THE CAMERA LOVES JACK. I had already thought about ten times, "geez, I never noticed how attractive Jack is!" when my sister leaned over and was like, "Who is that guitar player, again?!" and then we both started laughing hysterically. Anyway, way to go Jack, you definitely stole the good camera angles! Not to mention played a mean banjo.
So, yeah, you should give it a look-see.

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morganleigh said...

yes, the more I look at pictures of the band the more amazing Jack's hotness in the DVD becomes. He obviously is a man in need of a microphone and a profile view.