Friday, June 27, 2008


I tend to be obsessive-compulsive. Hopefully not in any extreme or truly unhealthy way but it just runs in my family.

Case in point. My sister got really into the Master and Commander novels when we were in college and read all of them. This is not an easy piece of work, especially if you ask me. Napoleonic naval fiction complete with detailed ship geography and vocabulary? Anyway, a feature of the two main characters (some who have seen the movie may remember this) is that Aubrey plays the violin and Maturin plays the cello so many an evening on ship they will play together to pass the time. Morgan somehow got her hands on a CD that is a compilation of duets mentioned in Patrick O'Brien's series. Which she actually listens to.

Recently I watched Last of the Mohicans and then another book I was reading mentioned western frontier archetypes, particularly Fenimore Cooper's Natty Bumppo of the Leatherstocking Tales, so I found myself reading the book whilst listening to the movie soundtrack.

You may be wondering what the point of this post is and I tell you: HOUSE, MD.

Yes, ever since my college roommate introduced me to the joy and hilarity of BlackAdder and PG Wodehouse I have been a devoted fan of Hugh Laurie.

He's a musician. I just saw a snippet today of the episodes where Dave Mathews guest stars as a patient, who just so happens to be a musician, a classical musician on the show. And the interview cut back and forth to Hugh Laurie talking about how amazing Dave Mathews is and Dave Mathews commenting wryly that for the piano bits he had a hand double while Hugh had not. No one questioned their respective guitar skills. Although, the episode where House has spent all the time he's supposed to be hiring a new team learning Van Halen riffs is pretty amusing. But back to the show! And to Dave Mathews. I don't know who picks the music for this show but I always love it! Since I've been watching again it has struck me AGAIN how well selected it always is. Particularly whatever song is chosen to sum up the emotion at the end of the episode. I don't even remember what episode it was but I was led so far as to look up the song (Dave Mathews: Some Devil) and finding that it wasn't on iTunes and wasn't in any of the stores I visited in the next day or so I ended up having to buy the entire album on the internet- and NOT in mp3 format. Then wait forever for it to come in the mail. Geez.

It was worth it. This is a great song.

and a bonus of a Hugh Laurie original (he's SO funny):

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