Sunday, June 15, 2008

a tribute playlist for my dad

After putting the obvious (to me) songs on this playlist I just typed in "father," mainly to peruse Justin McRoberts album of the same name, but it gave me pause as I saw Everclear's "Father of Mine" that most songs about fathers are about their absence rather than presence. Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You" comes to mind.

I think it's sad and is a good example of art imitating life. Tonight at church the sermon centered on fatherhood (it actually coincided well with the gospel from John of Jesus' feeling pity for the crowds who were like a sheep without a shepherd.) Our deacon, who preached today, talked about the role and importance of spiritual fatherhood to which I say Amen.

Tracklist of CD titled "Daddy Gi Gi the One" (hard g's, I actually have no idea where this nickname came from.)

1. Gonna Have a Party: Alabama
2. Here for the Party: Gretchen Wilson
3. When the Sun Goes Down: Kenny Chseney
4. Big Time: Big & Rich
5. Start Me Up: Rolling Stones
6. Cowboy: Kid Rock
7. Little Miss Magic: Jimmy Buffett
8. Country Road: James Taylor
9. My Love Will Keep: Adrienne Young and Little Sadie
10. Butterfly Kisses: Bob Carlisle
11. Daughters: John Mayer Trio
12. Iowa: Alli Rogers
13. Ca C'est Bon: L'Angelus
14. Sister Rosa: Neville Brothers
15. Wanna Be Loved: dc Talk
16. Growing Older But Not UP: Jimmy Buffett
17. Early in the Morning: Andrew Osenga
18. What a Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

The first half is songs my dad likes or I grew up listening too, funny, things like perhaps "Sister Rosa" started me on social justice at a young age. I still love James Taylor (I gifted "One Man Band" to my dad for Christmas). When my sister and I were really into dc Talk in high school "Wanna Be Loved" was the song my dad liked. I'm embarassed to include "Butterfly Kisses" but really, I had to. I feel like the rest is musically self-explanatory. :)

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