Monday, June 30, 2008

Rock What You Got

Nothing to make me feel totally badass like sporting my new dreadlocks and blasting Superchic[k] from my car stereo.

Yet, there is a weird juxtaposition going on. I took my 13 year old cousin to see them on the "Cross the Line" tour over a month ago and we went down to the front with the other kids (I taught her well! She actually asked to go down this time!) and by the end of the show I couldn't help but ask myself that indidious question, "Am I too old for this?!"

It didn't hurt that out of the lineup the only bands that I liked were Disciple and Superchic[k]. My cousin liked KJ-52 who I hear enough good things about to doubt my own opinion but I couldn't help but think that unless he had a stellar off-stage persona he would, at the very least, drive me insane on the bus and was, like, 9 parts "entertainer" (and that's granting a lot) to 1 part musician (never really evident but I'll take his albums as some kind of evidence). Anyway, I was sort of tired by the time Tricia, Melissa, Dave, Matt, and Brandon took to the stage, and I have to say I like their commitment to "cool" in coordinating outfits and stunts. Their set was good but it had the faults of every set saddled with no less than FIVE opening acts- too short! I appreciated getting to hear a few songs off of the new album and, albeit, their later work is better than their earliest, but it was their first two albums that got me through high school! Standing a foot or so taller than all the junior high kids around me I wondered if my anomaly status means I should listen to their music primarily from the confines of my car, jerking and weaving with my earbuds in, or, more generally, alone.

I don't know. I'm just thinking that I've seen these guys three times now- and actually that in the last 12 months. The first time was great and I went by myself and danced like crazy and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I have NEVER again been so sore after a concert. Second time was at Lifest and was definitely amidst the much younger crowd and felt slightly out of place. That was intensified being packed among girls I felt like I might stomp all over if I were to dance and proceeded to chat through EVERY set.

So, am I old and curmudgeonly?? Who knows.

I like the new album, my only beef is that I pre-ordered it and it only came in the mail TODAY! I feel like that is just wrong! Seriously, their last three albums I bought the day they were released and this one I buy early and get a week later?!

Also I read a review that mentioned that really there was only 28 minutes of new material on this studio album that has taken three years to get. So roughly, ten minutes of work to show for each year...I'm pretty happy to have anything, myself. But I do see his point. I haven't gotten to dig into the album yet although I'm liking the veneer so far. I'm very interested because their past releases have come to me just when I needed it and I'm curious to see how the sound and writing will strike me now. When I popped their CD in I definitely did feel it.

I'm looking forward to seeing them next week at Lifest.

I also have a slight crush on Dave. :)

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morganleigh said...

hope that you are not listening in your car on your earbuds at the same time.

Umm, I don't know if you're too old for Superchick or not. I was somewhere not that long ago thinking about this same thing about about concerts, behavior, and age group, etc. I can't remember what I came up with.