Tuesday, March 18, 2008

don't wait for tom

A guy came into my starbucks today and ordered a tall mocha and he was wearing a fedora and seemed unkept in a way that I always find intriguing. The hat and the fact that he favored Linford Detweiler made me immediately think of OtR's fascinating song, "Don't Wait For Tom." I couldn't help it so I mentioned this song to the guy and he immediately asked if it was about Tom Waits.

I was momentarily at a loss. WHY HADN'T THAT OCCURRED TO ME YET!? I'm *sure* the song is partial homage to Waits! I could have kicked myself.

He's got the hands of a blind piano players/he's a feel for the dark like a soothsayer/he takes a little bow and tips his fedora...


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