Wednesday, March 12, 2008

keeping up

My friends sometimes tease me about spouting information about musicians, albums, concerts, etc and where I manage to compile all this information. I don't have some secret source! I just read blogs!

At Passion07 my sister went to a late night breakout hosted by David Crowder and Mike Hogan wherein the students were invited to ask questions. I didn't go to the session despite my deep love for the Crowder band because I didn't want to fight the crowd and didn't want to go to a discussion of their book before reading it myself. I ended up being glad I didn't go- she came back from the Q&A and announced that they should have made me screen the questions because she claimed I could have answered 90% of them. "I found myself thinking, geez, don't you read his XANGA?!" she exclaimed. Doubly hilarious because she *doesn't* read his xanga; I do.

So here are the musical blogs currently on my google reader:

A Guitar Teacher's Lesson Notebook
A guitar teacher who shares music lessons and thoughts- I picked this up due to my newfound guitar playing.

Alli Rogers' Blog

Charlie Hall & Co's Xanga

Chris Tomlin Blog

David Crowder Band's MySpace Blog
This one is updated weekly by Hogan.

David Crowder's Xanga

Intermittently updated by Crowder- pretty interactive and with the semi-creepy and compelling LiveTV broadcast.

Steve Fee and band blog

Jars of Clay Blog

Leeland Blog

Matt Maher Blog

Matt Maher Blog 2
Matt has tried blogging a few times...

Matt Maher MySpace Blog
Sometimes duplicate, generally updated by Kemi but, more recently, discussion of the new album has been presented here too.

Phil Wickham Blog

Judd & Maggie's MySpace Blog Blog

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