Friday, March 28, 2008

songs i don't get tired of

You know there are certain songs that have played a special role in your life or taught you something really true and those are the songs I never get tired of, a few of those songs for me are:

Like a Child: Jars of Clay

I don't think I've really listened to this song for years but I put it on in my car today and it was crazy to me that I used to listen to that song sitting in my same car back in 2001 and it was deeply my prayer: dear God, don't let me fall apart...

Maybe There's a Loving God: Sara Groves

Of all the songs I've "kidnapped" people to listen to this one is probably number one for forcing people to soak in. Stephanie from my freshman women's Bible study gave me this CD and this song was so transformative to me because it bravely asked questions I struggled with and had answers I was only beginning to learn to hope for
: am I the chance result of a cosmic accident? ...maybe it's a selfish thought (I have never prayed a lot), but maybe there's a loving God.

Isaiah 61: Matt Maher

I tried to memorize the 61st chapter of Isaiah for a long time. It was part of reading Beth Moore's "Breaking Free" and I recognized the power of this scripture and wanted it to dwell in me richly. I wrote it down, I carried it in my pocket, I could NOT memorize more than "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me."

And then I heard Matt sing it. Forget lyrics, go look it up in your Bible!

Come and Listen: David Crowder Band

My senior year of college after a very transformative summer I heard this song and it so perfectly encapsulated what I wanted to say with everything in my life. I wanted to shout these words to sit everyone down with my earbuds and say, "this is me, this is my life, don't you want to hear what God has done?! Because it's unbelievable." I would stop in my tracks when it came on my ipod and it was hard for me to not lift my hands in praise or just weep for joy. I love the simple authenticity.

let me tell you what He has done for me, let me tell you what He has done for me, come and listen, come and listen to what He's done

Mercy Moves Me: 100 Portraits

It's the utter intensity in this song that makes it so relatable because it's desperate and so am I.

I was hiding in the dark
when they found the body

I was swearing by the truth
I was living a lie

I was holding out a hand
to take what was not mine

O You found me
could not lift my head

Love is Patient
Love is Kind
Your mercy moves me everytime

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