Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Empty & Beautiful: For Your Glory

These kids love their baby sister...and Matt Maher :)

This song is on Matt's previous album so I don't feel the need to delve but I will add that I converted my friend Carolyn's entire family to Matt Maher (her husband, John, came into the building one day and was like, "Lindsay, I love Matt Maher but if I hear any more of him I'm going to flip out. The kids are even requesting him in the car.")

Carolyn and I would have "guitar lessons" in their basement, which was 1/4 guitar lesson and 3/4 much needed fellowship! I think she was teaching me (an extremely simplified version of) "For Your Glory" and she was sharing what the song meant to her and she mentioned that she had been frustrated with the kids, questioning how significant her role could be when she has three children under 5 (at the time, now it's four children under 7!). Anyway, in that place, this song really spoke to her about living her life, in whatever way possible, for the glory of God and just surrendering the rest.

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