Sunday, April 20, 2008

more from the steaming bean

Friday I went to Parker again to see a band at the Steaming Bean. A couple that is part of the larger band, Second Chance, did an opening acoustic set and it was painful for me. They weren't really that bad they just sang songs like "Wind Beneath My Wings" as well as some cringe-inducing covers of both Matt Redman and George Strait?!

So I didn't have high hopes for the whole lot of them despite seeing a chipper youngish pregnant lady soundchecking with her electric violin (that was encouraging to me, thanks to Hogan.). They ended up being really good! No, I probably wouldn't go out of my way to see them again but their frontman could seriously belt it out and I appreciate a group whose members are all pushing past middle age. There were a lot of those members too- about eight if I remember correctly. Two electric guitars, bass, drums, keys, violin, and a guy with a sax and soprano sax. That would make seven. I was close. So they were surprisingly southern rock influenced, reminded me strongly of the Muzic Mafia crew.

All in all a nice low-key evening. :)

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