Tuesday, April 8, 2008

woo! it's Matt Maher CD release day!

A day long-awaited if you're as dorky as me! My mail here is dumb so I probably won't get my CD until this evening but I will celebrate by going to Starbucks and playing guitar.

My dad set up a lesson while I was in FL with the guy he takes from (and who my sister learned from before that!) and we learned the afore discussed "New Today." When I told him that there was another version after we listened to the stripped down "At Sea" to learn he wanted to hear it so I played it and was quite excited that someone else cared about the differences. Except he discussed the production values knowledgeably, declared it an entirely different song, and proceeded to transcribe it on a different piece of paper. Good stuff.

Marathon "Empty & Beautiful" breakdown to come!

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Lauren said...

I just read this on my google reader and thought "OH MAN! Matt Maher? Must tell Lindsay!"

Then I realized it's from your blog. Ha!