Wednesday, April 2, 2008

introducing Ed Cash

This quote should tell you enough about why I like Ed Cash:

Anytime you mix art and commerce, the potential for danger is just enormous…To me the great challenge is, in some sense, being a liason between the deepest art and trying to get records out there. Rather than talking about ‘hit songs’ or ‘radio songs,’ I love the word ‘connectivity.’ How does this song connect?’ There are a lot of ‘hit songs” out there that, to me, don’t connect – to the heart, anyway. I’m just more and more drawn to those tunes that not only have a catchiness and a hookiness, but a real vibrancy and a life behind them.

In case that doesn't convince you his behind-the-scenes credibility will. I wish I had a comprehensive list of his work (the man doesn't have a page on wikipedia, that is unfathomable to me, I may correct this supreme oversight when I have more time one day) but if most people knew the snippets of songs he's written and his sheer giftedness for collaging with music I hope he would be greater appreciated.

For example: did you know that Christ Tomlin thought he had finished "How Great is Our God?" when Ed suggested to insert the words and melody name above all names/worthy of all praise/my heart will sing how great... That's one of the best parts of that song!
I can't find any verification right now but from memory (of things like the passion podcast and's new song cafe) I know he has also written some of my favorite parts of songs by Monk & Neagle and Kristian Stanfill.

What I'm trying to say is, this man should need no introduction, he has produced, written, and inspired amazing songs.. I'm doing it anyway so that when I reference him later we will be on the same page. :)


morganleigh said...

I hate going on Wikipedia and being either like "what??? No page?" or "I could do better than this!!!!" but then I realize I could waste lots nad lots of time that way, and hope someone else will do it.

Lauren said...

I really like that quote you posted. I think it does show what makes a a good song/piece of music.

(See, told you I was reading your blog. :D )